Annalee Morris-Polley, CEO, R.N.

Ms. Morris-Polley is the founder and CEO of Anglez Behavioral Health Services and Riverside Training and Education Center. Ms .Morris-Polley recognizes the importance of continued learning throughout your career, and feels it is important that her instruction and the instruction of others at Riverside Tech is given by individuals who do the work on a daily basis. Miss Morris-Polley graduated from the University of Maine, and often returns to the University as a guest speaker. Ms Morris- Polley’s education background includes a B. S degree in Mental Health and Human Services and is a 14 year Registered Nurse with experience in Community Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder.

B.S. Mental Health & Human Services; Nursing.

Dr. Pamela J. Boivin, J.D, Ph.D.

Dr. Boivin is the Director of Riverside Training & Education Center. Dr. Boivin has worked as a consultant & trainer with the Maine State Police Hostage Negotiations Team. Pamela also has served as a Professor at University of Maine with the Justice Studies Department and with the Behavioral Sciences Department at Kennebec Valley Community College. She has an extensive academic and professional legal background, with a concentration in domestic violence and has been certified as an expert witness in domestic violence by the Texas School of Law, is a nationally certified Mental Health First Aid Trainer; with a specialty in suicidal ideology within the law enforcement and military veteran populations. Dr. Boivin is also a veteran and was an officer in the United States Army with STARC Medical Unit.

PhD, ABD in Public Safety/Criminal Justice & a Juris Doctor in Law